Magnificent watercolor by H. Jones (1922) of Cloch Lighthouse

5.25in. x 10.25 in.

Signed by the artist in pen and ink, initially dated 1921 and corrected to 1922, hence likelyhood of January or February of that year.

Also written in pencil along border " The Cloch Lighthouse - - On the Clyde"


Norval Morrisseau. This unsigned serigraph is from the early 70's, probably while Norval was recovering from burns he received in a hotel fire. These preceded the numbered limited edition series.


I have 2 other serigraphs by Norval circa 1975 - Scans will be posted soon.


The " Cheese Club " Originals by Andrew Struthers

Svensen notices a dark spot on McPetrie's lung.