Classic Chevrolet Automobiles


This 1955 in cream/white is my preference for restoration, mainly because of it's simplicity when compared to later models. This model has a small grill, single detached chrome strip and a winged hood ornament and a chrome kick panel below the doors. A visible seam is present between the buymper skirt and front quarter panels. The classic Chevrolet emblem is mounted on the hood, as opposed to the grill on later models.


The 55 convertible is like the rarest model for collectors. This car was nicely restored with magnesium wheels, stylish "tuck and roll" seats and chromed parts under the hood.


The rear view details the attractive triangular speedometer and glove box motif and an after-market snap-on skirt covering the retracted convertible roof


The same classic Chevrolet emblem is also mounted on the trunk above the keylock. The tail lights on this model are a simple tail fin design, with red over reverse lights and a small V emblem below.


The 1956 model of the Belair has a wide grill with square inset indicator lights. The side chome has a double attached chrome strip with the secondary color lining the center along it's length. The V emblem was added below the classic Chevrolet emblem on the hood. The "Bel-Air" chromed name plate was moved from below the rear window, to the back of the rear quarter panel.


This car was rebuilt with a high performance 327 cubic inch block, Holley Highrise, electronic ignition, fuel injection and chromed after-market accessories.


The tail lights of the 56 model were considerably more elaborate than the 55, with a chrome base, bullet style light and square backup light mounted below. The round lens below has no light.


This model is not as detailed as the Belair, having a single chrome strip, smaller bumper and a bench seat.


This rebuild incorporated new product designs including electronic ignition and dual breaking system and polished steel valve covers, while preserving the basic stock features of the 283 cubic inch engine. Braided hoses give the engine compartment a clean appearance and greater durability.


A very clean, but simple version of the 56 in Nassau blue/White


A 56 in classic Turquoise/White. Probably the most popular color of this model.


GM went overboard on the chrome in 1957. The classic Chevrolet emblem was moved lower to the grill and the name Chevrolet and classic V were set on the hood.


Extreme tail fins were very much in style by 1957. Extending the full height of the rear of the car, the semi-circular light and oval backup light were set lower on the ground. The AM radio antenna was moved from the front right fender to the left rear tail light. This would prove disasterous for the quality of reception, due to the long length of the coaxial cable feeding the radio.


A high performance small block 396 cubic inch engine replaced the stock mill. Chromed accents include keylock valve covers, air cleaner and intack manifold.


The 57 had numerous detailings on the front end. Wider chrome/screen headlights, bullet style bumpers, inboard turn indicators and a brushed bronze grill.


My favorite of all the classic Chevrolet models. The 1957 "Nomad" in Pine Green/Celadon. While the 4 door versions of the sedan models were not as popular as the 2 door hardtop, this feature was outstanding on the Nomad. This car is in excellent condition despite never being restored.


Stock black-wall tires, steel rims, chrome hubcaps and a single chrome strip extending the entire length of the vehicle, accents the true beauty of this classic automobile. This car is suited for driving in all conditions, unlike the other show pieces on this page.


The Nomad had red turn indicators, as opposed to white on other 57 models and the noted dual rocket ornaments running the full length of the hood.


The rugged steek tailgate pioneered the station wagon design for years to come. The rear of this car was a nice blend of geometric shapes, round, square and triangles.


An all steel dashboard, round speedometer, three-on-the-tree shifter, chromed horn and of course "fuzzy dice" on the mirror.



These images were taken at the Langley Cruise-In, September 2007