Caravan expeditions in Baja are adventurous and fun.

This page is a guide to caravan travel from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas

Official Seal of Baja California Sur!

Highway 1 is approximately 1050 miles from Tijuana to Los Cabos.

This guide is based upon our travel plan of several consecutive years of travelling Highway 1. It's set on a schedule of three days, which is within daylight conditions. As a rule, driving at night should be avoided. Good preparation before leaving the U.S. is essential and that is the first topic of this travel guide.


Complete inspection and repair of vehicles, vessels and trailers. Collection or correct tools, flashlights, protective wear, cleanup equipment.

Passports are mandatory in most instances. It's not easy to get a visa without one. If you dont have a passport, the port captain in Ensenada can issue visas. Visas are not needed for visits from Ensenada northward, but mandatory southbound from there.


Caravans R.V.s, boat trailers etc. take up alot of parking space. The day use area at Mission Bay is an ideal staging area. Overnight camping is not permitted, but is friendly to oversize parking while everyone meets or makes final preparations. Major repairs, tuneups and inspections should be done by this point, but final inspections will take place at this location. Do not skimp when buying new tires or other parts. Up to the minute shopping. Buy items in bulk where possible, especially items which are rare or expensive in Mexico. Buy these items : bottled water, soda, paper products, hygenics, cleaning supplies, first aid items. Items such as charcoal, pickles, bread, sour cream, mayonaise are not readily available in Mexico. Likewise, torillas, vanilla, fresh veggies and fruit are.

Fuelling all tanks and filling water systems to capacity.

Insurance is a must. Nearby is Discover Baja Travel Club

They have other things to, maps books etc.

Mobile radios and walkie talkies are assets on a caravan. Installation and testing of all radios, batteries charged and spare available. My radios vary from 5 to 50 watts of power. Some radio blackouts may occur in high terrain areas or over long distances. Caravans should stay within range as much as possible.

Banking......... I recommend a discrete stash to cover emergencies, repairs and fuel. Otherwise plastic is safer. Canadians.....Dont always exchange CDN bucks for US greenbacks...look for deals in Mexico for CDN to Pesos DO NOT change money at booths in San Diego. They are Mexican owned and operated, they will charge you a hidden "foreign exchange" fee. Use a bank or VISA.

Small change is needed. Four toll booths are posted between Tijuana and Ensenada.

Map of Baja California

Interactive Map

Day 1

Tijuana : Caravans are not suited to Tijuana. The day begins early. Stay on the main road, follow the signs, transit through Tijuana shoud be easy brief. Note: No turn is better than a wrong turn.

Rosarito : A four lane highway allows for reasonable speed to Ensenada . Visa stop, bank (if necessary) and sometimes shopping. Head down the road towards San Quintin . Once past San Quintin, you will find plenty of places along the highway to stop for lunch. Following lunch, travel casual and enjoy the towns of Santo Tomas  San Vicente, Colnett and Camalu.

El Rosario : is an important fuel stop. I have never seen gas shortages here, but should that happen, be very careful about proceeding.The Pemex in El Rosario has a good reputation. Once refuelled, get ready for a good long drive. The next leg of the road has both good and rough conditions. It is a very beautiful section of road as well, traversing the heights of the penninsula.

Cataviņa : Pot Holes : Lots of them.

Boulder strewn desert near Cataviņa




Day 2

It is important on Day 2 to keep up a good pace on the road. Plenty of good parking spots in the Loreto area is a good incentive to make good mileage this day. Depending on fuel in Cataviņa, you may be forced to get fuel in Guerrero Negro  A few towns will add to the attraction of the day. San Ignacio , Bahia de los AngelesPunta Prieta. Fuel at any of these towns is irregular.

Beautiful painted hills along the drive from Santa Rosalia to Insurgentes.

Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia is an important stop. On first impression, this town can look a bit rough. On second glance, some unique and intriguing things come to view. French in history, the towns appears to have an European flare. A monument by Eiffel, fine baked goods and other foods have a distinctively French accent. Fuel is available here, but be wary at this location, as it is notorious for scams and other shady practices. Always watch the pumps and post another watching the filler.

More About Fuel and Fuel Scams Click Here



Mulegé,   Bahia Concepcion      Loreto


Yippee! We made it!!

Day 3

Villa Insurgentes      Ciudad Constitucion     La Paz

Todos Santos          Los Cabos



Striped Marlin : 257 cm. 100 Kilograms

Caught at Cabo Falso while drifting live mackerel.

Wahoo : 172 cm. 26 Kilograms. Caught at Golden Gate Bank.

Bait : Live "Chica" while slow trolling. Monofilament leader.

Photos by Jack and Dave Stephens


Recent Road Conditions


Distance Points Between Cities and Towns



These are Cabo's Hot Spots!


Large Map of Cabo San Lucas

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