Radio Station Design and Engineering


CIMM-FM 99.5 Ucluelet. The studio is located above the Island West Art Gallery and has a wonderful view of the Canadian Princess Resort and Ucluelet Harbour.


The studio was moved from it's original location on the day this photo was taken. The downtime was less than one hour, while TELUS moved the persistent phone line to the transmitter. The station relaunched cleanly and continues to operate today under the same configuration.


CFPV-FM 98.9 Pemberton. A minimal studio engineered without heavy equipment and engineering racks. This studio utilizes ADSL/ISDN digital compression to the transmitter site. An AIR-1 8 channel mixer, flat screen monitor and Mackie active monitors allows greater desktop clearance for phones, hybrids, microphones and paperwork. All wiring is fed through the desktop ports, lessening the probability of snags or strains.


The production position is an austere but powerful workstation. The Pemberton studio has the added benefit of built-in networking connections, further reducing excessive wiring.


CHMZ-FM 90.1 like all things Tofino, is located on the waterfront, overlooking Meares Island.

This is the studio before it was completely rebuilt by me. The board was the Auditronics console inherited from the defunct CHOO-FM. needless to say, the installation hastily assembled with little consideration ergonomics, cleanliness, electrical efficiency or physical damage.

Once remodelled, this studio became a tidy and user friendly operation. Again, the AIR-1 mixer replacement combined with streamlined wiring, provides an efficient work position for the staff.

Networking, signal processing, compression and power control are neatly fit within the 17 inch rack. Guests sit comfortably across from the host in comfort without coming into contact with wiring, equipment or power cords.