In typical thrill seeking LeBlanc fashion, we headed for Six Flags - Magic Mountain for a day of high-flying joy riding.

Robert was first to board X. A great ride which starts out backwards, then sends the rider into a perfect vertical drop facing the ground.

Although an older ride, Viper still packs a thrill.


Kassie smiles in anticipation of the next attraction.

Although considered "Moderate" by Six Flags rating, Dive Devil certainly an exciting ride. Skydiving, without a parachute.

After harness fitting, the platform is raised to prepare the flyers.

Going up...........

And up.............

And waaaaaaay up.................... only to be dropped into a 60 MPH freefall.

See the video on

Robert, Allan, Kassie and Ryan start their FreeFall. An unrestricted drop from the top of a 10-story tower, plunging at 55 mph.

During lunch break, a Canada Goose and her goslings wandered through.

Following a repair closure, we got a double ride aboard Thrill Shot.

By default, the operators opted for Really Insane, followed by Totally Insane. On the second lift, we cleared the towers and watched the ground.

We were near to boarding "Superman The Escape", but were turned away for repairs. Luckily, we were able to ride twice later. Accelerating from 0 to 100 mph in seven seconds before shooting straight up a 41-story tower, this ride uses magnetic levitation to power the passenger car.

Allan and Kassie in the queue for Scream

Upward inside half spiral with rapid direction change to an inside downward half spiral were among the features of this ride.

Kassie, Allan and Robert aboard Goliath

Towering 255 feet above earth, this massive steel superstructure hits speeds of 85 mph, making it one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters.

Robert and myself prepare for a ride on the aging and tame ride Ninja.

One of the few photos catchable from any of the the thrill rides.

No tame ride goes unpunished, hence Tatsu. 3,602 feet of engineering marvel with 62 miles per hour and 263 feet in plunges. This ride out-classes most any rides in the world with it's harnessed "flying" position for riders. Not for the faint of heart, indeed.

Queued for Tatsu.

Can't say we were not warned about this ride!

Tatsu has several huge downward inside half spiral, among other blind spirals and a slow, but very high rise above the park at the outset.

The gang strolling for an extra charge of Superman and Goliath.

Kassie poses with Batman while Robert and Ryan snuck into the frame.

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