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Hero/Wolf Attack
Date Aired: Tuesday Jul 04, 2000 Length: 01:59
Chek-tv's Harry Maunu has more on the rescue of Scott Langevin -- a young man who might not be alive tonight if not for the quick thinking -- and expertise -- of a Tofino DJ.


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Producer : Warren Rudd

Date Aired: Monday, March 23, 1998
(BCTV) - It was supposed to be an afternoon spent observing the beauty of the west coast of Vancouver Island -- and watching whales. But it turned out to be something quite different. A whale watching tour boat capsized on Sunday, near Tofino. The four people onboard the boat were thrown into the cold ocean water. Only two of them would survive. Harvey Oberfeld reports: "It was a tragic beginning to what's supposed to be a festive season. Two people were injured ... one critically ... and two others died the whale watching season began in Tofino.

Official Report


Video Clip from CBC's "the fifth estate"
Aired : October 1991
Producer : Anton Koschany


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Date Aired: April 1991
Volunteer Co-ordinator Files Lawsuit in US District Court
Producer : Patricia Green


Part 1

Video Clip from CBC's "Front Page Challenge"
Date Aired: September 1989
Producer : Elaine Thompson


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Video Clip from CTV News
Date Aired: June 1989

Producer : Tassie Notar


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Video Clip from CBC's "Pacific Report"
Date Aired: November 1986
"Too Many People Chasing Too Few Clams"
Producer : Robert Osborne